Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

This is a quick and easy spin column method for the isolation of genomic DNA from blood. No phenol, chloroform, or other hazardous organic solutions are required. Proteins are degraded by Proteinase K, DNA is bound to the filter in the spin column, impurities are washed away, and the purified DNA is eluted from the binding matrix of the column. The isolated DNA is of excellent quality for PCR, restriction digestion, and other downstream applications. The kit contains all necessary tubes for the complete experiment in isolation of genomic DNA. This kit can also be used, without any modification, for isolating DNA from saliva, buccal cells, urine, semen, and cultured cells. Mini and Maxi preparation kits are available. Vrisko Ltd provides a Genomic DNA Isolation Kit under the product name Vrisko Genomic DNA Isolation Kit.


Cat.No. Product Name Size
VP0054 Vrisko Blood Genomic DNA isolation kit 50 preps

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