The pre-made libraries consist of linear heptapeptide and dodecapeptide libraries, as well as a disulfide-constrained heptapeptide  library. The randomized segment of the library is flanked by a pair of cysteine residues, which are oxidized during phage assembly to a disulfide linkage, resulting in the displayed peptides being presented to the target as loops. All of the libraries have complexities in excess of 2 billion independent clones. The randomized peptide sequences in all three libraries are expressed at the N-terminus of the minor coat protein pIII.

Vrisko Limited offer screening service of phage display peptide libraries. The libraries available for screening are the following:

  • Ph.D.-7 : New England Biolabs pre-made library consists of linear heptapeptide.
  • Ph.D.-12: New England Biolabs pre-made library consists of linear dodecapeptide.
  • Ph.D.-C7C: New England Biolabs pre-made library consist of disulfide-constrained heptapeptide.
  • Other: pIII-fusion 16-mer  or 20-mer random peptide libraries.


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