E. coli is one of the most widely used expression hosts, and DNA is normally introduced in a plasmid expression vector. The techniques for overexpression in E. coli are well developed and work by increasing the number of copies of the gene or increasing the binding strength of the promoter region so assisting transcription.


Protein expression in E. coli system is divided into two phases as described below. Minimum or additional service charge may apply.
I. Subcloning of cDNA of interest into an expression vector with sequence confirmation. Small scale production are performed to test yield and solubility. (If the recombinant proteins are found to be not expressed or insuoluble in E. coli expression system, then the customer can choose to discontinue the project. However, the full Phase I service charge will apply.)
II. Large scale recombinant protein production and purification. Expected yield: ≥1 mg/L, purity 90%-95%


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