Vrisko Limited brings innovative solutions to the scientific community, biotech companies, and research centers offering a full range of product and custom services.



Vrisko limited services


We offer a range of custom services including phage display services, antibody services, protein production, antibody Engineering, antibody humanization, custom peptides services and custom proteomics services.


Vrisko Limited products


Phage display antibody libraries, phage display peptide libraries and phage display cDNA libraries.


Some of our services


Phage display services

Phage Display Peptide Libraries

Vrisko Limited offer screening service of phage display peptide libraries. The libraries available for screening are pre-made libraries consist of  7-, 12-,  16- or 20-mer random peptides.

Phage Display antibody libraries

Vrisko Limited offers services of  screening phage display antibody libraries. The starting point for screening is usually an antibody library, of either naive or immune origin..

  • Screening of Naive antibody libraries.
  • Screening of immune antibody libraries.


Antibody production

Production of monoclonal antibodies - Complete package

To generate monoclonal antibodies that fit our client specific purposes. Our price includes antigen  production , antibody production and guaranteed western blot results, which are not included in competitor's services.

Production of monoclonal antibodies - Basic package

Our company novel immunization procedures and careful mouse strain selection allows for production of monoclonal antibodies which are of the utmost affinity and specificity. Our price includes antibody production and guaranteed western blot results.

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Protein production

Protein production - Mammalian Expression System

Mammalian expression service is recommended for cases in which the folding and post-translational modifications are crucial to the customer's intended application and cases in which the internal machineries of E.coli and baculovirus-insect cells are unable to express the protein in sufficient quality.

Protein production - E.coli expression system
Protein expression in E. coli system is divided into  Subcloning of cDNA of interest into an expression vector  and large scale recombinant protein production and purification.

Protein production - baculovirus expression system

The baculovirus-insect cell expression system is widely used to produce recombinant proteins for many different biomedical applications. It provides researchers with the means to generate milligram quantities of recombinant proteins that are ideal for functional and structural analysis.

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Antibody engineering

Antibody humanization - humanization of antibodies by antibody humanization technology

Vrisko Limited offers services of antibody humanization including CDR grafting and screening of a human phage display antibody library.

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